Brief Description

Mount Sanqingshan National Park

23aMount Sanqingshan National Park, a 22,950 ha property located in the west of the Huyaiyu mountain range in the northeast of Jiangxi Province (in the east of central China) has been inscribed for its exceptional scenic quality, marked by the concentration of fantastically shaped pillars and www.ischia.it peaks: 48 granite peaks and 89 granite pillars, many of which resemble human or animal silhouettes. The natural beauty of buy viagra online in canada quotations the 1,817 metre high Mount Huaiyu is further enhanced by the juxtaposition of granite features with the vegetation and particular meteorological conditions which make for an ever-changing and arresting landscape with bright halos on clouds and white rainbows. The area is subject to a combination of subtropical monsoonal and maritime influences and forms an island of temperate forest above the surrounding subtropical landscape. It also features forests and http://www.portiaweb.org/viagra-50mg numerous waterfalls, some of them 60 metres in height, lakes and springs.

23bMount Sanqingshan National Park in Jiangxi province has become another of China's natural scenic spots to be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The World Heritage Committee agreed on Monday to add the www.peterhedegaard.co.uk park to its natural sites' list, taking the number of such sites in China to blackieandtherodeokings.com 37. The park has a unique array of ordering viagra only today forested, fantastically shaped granite pillars and peaks concentrated in a relatively small area.