Shandong's hospitality industry has made rapid progress in recent years. Its development has not only satisfied with the demands of domestic and generic propecia online pharmacy foreign tourists, but also greatly promoted the progress of Shandong's tourism. No matter at the foot of Mt. Taishan, or along the golden coastal line, or at the hometowns of Confucius and Mencius, tourists can find hotels of different classes. All of them provide high-quality service and reasonable prices.

Crowne Plaza Guihe Jinan


Add: 3 Tianditan St., Jinan

Tel. +0086-0531-8602-9999

Jincheng Hot Spring Hotel


Add: 212 Wenquan Rd., Zhaoyuan

Tel. +0086-0535-8111-888 

Laizhou Commerce Hotel


Add: 478 Culture West Road., Laizhou

Tel. +0086-0535-221-3988


Minghu Hotel


Add: 398 Beiyuan Rd., Jinan

Tel. +0086-0531-8595-6688

Qilu Hotel


Add: 8 Qianfoshan Rd., Jinan

Tel. +0086-0531-8693-8888

Shangri-La Hotel


Add: 9 Hongkong Middle Road, Qingdao

Tel. +0086-0532-8388-3838

Sofitel Silver Plaza


Add: 66 Luoyuan St., Jinan

Tel. +0086-0531-8606-8888

Yuquan Simpson Hotel


Add: 68 Luoyuan St., Jinan

Tel. +0086-0531-8693-8888