Hui cuisine is the major representative of Anhui Cuisine, known for the buy cialis in canada exquisite skill of cooking the delicacies of all kinds. It features the common usage of cialis versus levitra look here ham to diversify taste and ordering generic cialis from india crystal sugar to increase freshness, apt at roasting and pot-roast, with heat control being attached with importance. Famous dishes include Brasied Fish head and Tails, Fish Tails in Brown Sauce and Salted Mandarin Fish. Furthermore, Yanjiang cuisine featuring freshwater fish and poultry, and Yanhuai cuisine combining local styles of Bengbu, Suxian County and Fuyang also enjoy reputation.

Ding Li Qing Chun Lamb Restaurant

Add: 7 Gucheng Rd., Huaibei

Tel: 0086-561-3885833

Guang Tou Fen Si Bao Restaurant

Add: Donghu Rd., Chizhou

Tel: 0086-566-2038579

Hui Cai Restaurant

Add: 59 Huangshan W. Rd., Tunxi District, Huangshan

Tel: 0086-559-2517828

Laojie Diyi Lou

Add: 247 Laojie Street, Tunxi District, Huangshan

Tel: 0086-559-2358388

Little Lamb Hot Pot

Add: Opposite to quotations generic viagra for women 10 Middle School, Changjiang W. Rd., Tongling

Tel: 0086-562 5833329

Luzhou Roast Duck Restaurant

Add: 107 Suzhou Rd., Hefei City (Oppostie the Drum Tower)

Tel. +0086-551-2692718

Tu Cai Restaurant

Add: Muzhen Rd., Qingyang County, Chizhou

Tel: 0086-566-5023879