Thanks to wide selections of ingredients, fine cooking techniques, various kinds and http://www.tcoyd.org/index.php/buy-cheap-viagra-in-uk/ unique tastes, Guangxi cuisine is characterized by being delicious, tender, fresh and smooth, mingling light and strong flavors. Among a variety of local snacks, the most famous are Old Friend Rice Noodles of Nanning, Spiral Shell Rice Noodles of Linzhou, and Rice Noodles of Guilin, etc.

 Nanning cuisine: Old Friend Rice Noodles, Fried Duck, Boiled Chicken, Five-color Glutinous Rice, etc.

 Linzhou Cuisine: Spiral Shell Rice Noodles, Eight-treasured Glutinous Rice, Tea-Oiled Rice, Sanjiang Pickled Pork, Bean jelly, etc.

 Guilin Cuisine: Rice Noodles, Duck Wrapped in Lotus Leaves, Yangshuo Beer Fish, Longsheng Rice in Bamboo Tube, Ziyuan Bracken, Lipu Taros with Meat, Yougeng Fish, Chicken in Clear soup, etc.

 Beihai Cuisine: Pearl Shellfish Porridge, Pig's Trotter rice Noodles, Hepu beef, Fuling Cake, Crab Juice, Sandworm soup, etc. 


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