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About China National Tourist Office Sydney (CNTO Sydney)

Written by on 13 June 2013

About China National Tourisit Office Sydney (CNTO Sydney)


The China National Tourist Office (CNTO) Sydney was established in 1986 as one of the soft cialis tablets overeseas offices of the China National Tourism Administration (CNTA). 







Our objective is to promote China as a tourist destination to the general public and wow)) industry in the Australian and New Zealand market. This encompasses the provision of www.solcraft.lv information such as travel guide books, brochures, posters, and flyers about China and providing first-hand knowledge about travelling to and within China. We also provide comprehensive services to the Press and the Travel Trade as well.



A trip to buy cialis professional help China, the 'Middle Kingdom', will be a life time experience. We invite you to share China's rich, colourful heritage, breathtaking sceneries and enjoy our warm and friendly Chinese hospitality.





 Staffs at CNTO Sydney:


-Acting Director: Mr Weijian Luo


-Marketing Executive: Ms Connie Qin